We try to be as close as possible to our customers and give them truly useful management tools

There is no question that information and communication are the raw materials of the 21st century. 

To us, having direct contact with customers seems just as important as taking advantage of and developing all the technology that facilitates and improves the communication and management of healthcare services. 

For this reason, we have launched different communication tools; our intention is to make this website a tool of work and a forum for giving and sharing opinions about biomechanical matters. 

1.- CONSULT AN EXPERT IN BIOMECHANICS ONLINE. All your doubts about different issues will be answered by one of our experts. 

2.- E-MEETING POINT. Meetings with professionals without leaving our workplace. A webinar system for regular meetings about specific issues. 

3.- BESPOKE TRAINING. Because we don’t have time to waste, design your own training and learn about the matters you are really interested in investing in.  

4.- B2B ORDER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. An exclusive management program for our customers informing them about all their prescriptions, orders, requests to collect moulds, statistics, invoices, etc. 

“Nowadays, the customization of products and the service provided are equally important” Aranza Requena. Director of Biomech Consulting.
  • Biomech Consulting | Aranza Requena
    Aranza Requena

    Managing Director and Podiatrist, professional licence number 2466.
    A natural born researcher with extensive experience in the world of biomechanics.
    She will personally answer questions about the matter so that your prescription adapts perfectly to your patient.

  • Biomech Consulting | Miguel Quiles
    Miguel Quiles

    Responsible for 3D design and expert in machining. Always on the other end of the phone or screen, he will guide and advise you in the search for the best solution for each case.

  • Biomech Consulting | Jorge Muñoz
    Jorge Muñoz

    Responsible for Quality Control and Logistics. Not a single insole leaves our laboratory without undergoing thorough checks.

  • Biomech Consulting | Mario Toledo
    Mario Toledo

    Podiatrist, professional licence no. 3036. She is the podiatric eye in 3D design and is in charge of research.

  • Biomech Consulting | Estela Sanjuan
    Estela Sanjuan

    Podiatrist, professional licence no. 3491
    Systematically and painstakingly checks each of our insoles every day, from the start of machining to finish.

  • Biomech Consulting | Miguel Ángel Sanchis
    Miguel Ángel Sanchis

    He will explain anything you need to know about our company and will help you take your first steps on our B2B management platform.

  • Liliana Sales

    Always online creating content to ensure you don't miss any latest news about our products, while always responding to your comments.

    Through our commitment to quality and punctual deliveries.
    Being accessible to our customers at all times, guiding them through the whole process.
    Offering tools for communication and joint training.