Constant research, training and innovation are the basis of our work

At Biomech Consulting, we are constantly beginning new studies that enable us to improve our products for the benefit of the podiatry and orthopaedic community, enabling the most appropriate treatments, backed by scientific research, to be used with patients. 

Thanks to close cooperation with leading institutions in the technology, materials, footwear and foot health sectors, we continue to move forward in the field of research, developing new products that we constantly update according to the needs of the market.

Machined foot orthoses are the main subject of study for Biomech Consulting. 

Our endeavour to find an appropriate, fully bespoke treatment for each kind of patient has had a strong scientific impact within the sector. 

Quantifying the relationship between the subject’s weight, their level of activity, their plantar pressure and changes in the shape and properties of their foot orthoses is our main area of study. In this way, we can obtain a system that is completely reliable in terms of choosing the most suitable material and production system for the orthoses for each individual. 

All this R+D+I activity is conducted in collaboration with different national and international organisations such as the INESCOP Footwear Technology Centre, the Valencia Biomechanics Institute (IBV) and the University of Salford (UK). 



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Biomech Consulting carries out R+D+I activities in collaboration with different national and international organisations.
  • Changes in the surface and properties of foot orthoses and plantar pressures
  • Critical view of Biomechanics and technology applied to podiatry
  • Relationship between weight, activity level, EVA insole changes and plantar pressures
    We seek to study and reach a better understanding of foot pathologies.
    We apply these studies in the endeavour to improve our products, always from a biomechanical perspective.
    We adapt those improvements to our CAD-CAM working system.