We turn your clinic into a state-of-the-art laboratory

The mission of the Biomech team is to offer excellent service to podiatry professionals through technology, research and making a high-quality product, always basing our work on scientific evidence.

For this reason, BIOMECH is a technology-based company where we work on four main areas, thus building a computerised system that runs from the outset of the process right up to the end product and sets us apart from the market in key points:

1.- 3D SCANNING. Together with the Valencian Biomechanics Institute, we have developed BIOMECH SCAN-100, a portable scanner that collects extremely accurate 3D geometry quickly and cleanly. We work in three dimensions: X, Y and Z. However, we adapt to all traditional data collection systems (phenolic foam, plaster casts and other formats) by scanning the mould in question in our facilities afterwards.

2.- Online management software. Data collection management (scans/mould) as well as the medical/podiatrist prescription is processed in real time through our web management platform, offering the client peace of mind and confidence due to the updated information we offer for each of their orders.

3.- BIOMECH CAD-CAM. This is our 3D design and manufacturing software, which we developed ourselves after years of clinical, scientific and management experience along with production planning.

They are two pieces of living software that are under constant review and evolution. Our great data base garnered through years of work allows us to carry out an in-depth analysis and implement advances in this regard.

4.- PRODUCTION. A combination of the latest technology and manual finishes. Along with the latest numerical control machinery, automatic cutting tables and technical materials, we have the skills of the best experts in finishing to assemble, polish and finish each and every one of the insoles that leaves our laboratory.

All of this information, where these four main areas converge, is unified on our B2B management platform that stores all these data, allowing the client to manage their daily work. They can track the development of each of their orders or consult any work sent and duplicate it, or even shorten the time for repeats or modifications, all of which is highly valuable information.

For these reasons, we have no doubt in claiming to offer the most sophisticated, customised and scientifically-studied insoles available on the market, wrapped up in a state-of-the-art technological production process.

Planta de producción
Our production center.
    Our installations enable us to respond to our clients in 5 working days.
    We boast the latest technology on the market in every production stage.
    We develop technology to place all the advantages of a biomechanics laboratory into a podiatrist’s practice.