Biomech Consulting uses the most advanced, comprehensive CAD-CAM system (computer assisted design and manufacturing) on the market, which puts an end to any previously-published classification of foot orthoses. Both our design and our manufacturing software have been developed by the BIOMECH team, which has more than 18 years of experience in podiatry and 3D design. A set of perfectly studied algorithms has resulted in a system that makes it possible to combine in a single functional insole the right balance of foot moments, the correct distribution of plantar pressure and a fully bespoke anthropometric fit.


Functional insoles prescribed by our clients are designed for any type of pathology, from the most common and simple like plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, tibial stress syndrome, sinus tarsi syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, gait in adduction, Sever’s disease, duck feet syndrome, impingements, gonalgia, lumalgia, leg-length differences, etc. right up to extremely complex pathologies.

With regard to the latter, offering a treatment solution to diabetic patients had been one of our goals for a number of years. For the first time, a CAD-CAM system in the orthopaedic sector includes an AUTOMATIC EXAMINATION OF DIABETIC FEET, taking a 3D reading on the Z axis in the most distal area of the foot’s geometry. When the foot has suffered an amputation, BIOMECH-3D-CAD-SYSTEM accurately inserts a prosthesis into the area of the foot that must be supplemented.

Our software also features a new MOULD EXAMINATION application to ensure the insole adapts perfectly to the footwear of each patient and can be implemented in any model of shoe, trainer, boot, etc.

The inherent philosophy of BIOMECH-3D-CAD-SYSTEM is “technology based on evidence”. For this reason, each of the additions and corrections implemented on it are those described according to the bibliography and they are our way of guaranteeing our clients enjoy the best results possible in each functional insole they prescribe.

Some of these modifications, additions and corrections include:

  • Medial or lateral heel skive
  • Supination and pronation hindfoot extrinsic wedges
  • Supination and pronation forefoot wedges
  • Dananberg wedge
  • Cuffly wedge
  • Functional extensions
  • Inverted orthoses
  • Gait plate
  • Morton’s extension
  • Shoe discharges
  • Heel discharges
  • Fascial accommodation
  • Rises
  • Metatarsal head cut-out
  • Point discharges in marked or personalised areas
  • Internal and external tabs
  • Different thicknesses in a single insole
  • Calcaneal cuboid blockade
  • Almonds and metatarsal bars

“Project supported by IVACE and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), in the context of the FEDER Operational Programme of the Valencian Regional Community 2014/2020, with the award of a grant of €9,720 and project: Development and implementation of a new digital design system for foot orthoses. Biomech Cad System” 


This design programme is connected directly to our BIOMECH CAM, our insole manufacturing software.

Once the 3D geometry to be manufactured in any of the materials available has been designed and selected, BIOMECH CAM defines the direction of the trajectories, automatically calculating all parameters such as passage, advance and the tools to be used to offer the best result to the part manufactured with pinpoint precision.

Furthermore, this software simulates the result of the operation on-screen, thereby minimising errors and improving production times.

Diseño 3D digital

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