Biomech Consulting | B2B Logotipo 22/11/2022
Biomech Consulting launches its new B2B platform for the digital management of prescriptions and orders

True to our vision of becoming an online laboratory serving all podiatrists who consider innovation and technology to be a key factor in the development of podiatry, Biomech Consulting is launching its new B2B platform for the digital management of prescriptions and orders.

Our B2B is an intranet that our customers can access with a password, and where all the prescriptions for plantar orthoses are managed. Choosing materials, thickness, additions, etc.

For the last five years we have been receiving suggestions, queries and ideas from our customers and, thanks to actively listening, our new B2B has come to fruition.

It is a digital platform that could not have arrived at a better time, coinciding with the upturn and acceptance of digital healthcare systems, which are here to shorten the distances between the supplier, podiatrist and patient and bring efficacy and efficiency to treatments with plantar orthoses.


Our aims when creating it were:

  • Put data and their analysis at the heart of the management of every clinic.
  • Streamline tasks and offer a useful and intuitive control panel.
  • Create a more accurate and therefore more effective prescription that enables us to increase our success rate in the orthopaedic treatment of the feet.
  • Increase the quality of our services with regard to production, logistics, customised healthcare treatment and matters of foot biomechanics.


The main developments include the following:






New simple and intuitive control panel to keep track of all ongoing treatments. The main functions can be accessed from this panel.

The tools tell us the stage our treatments are in: status, delivery date, opening prescription, etc.

Complete tracking of ongoing treatments through a calendar that informs us when our products will be delivered.

KPI CENTRE (key performance indicator). Data converted into information. We provide a statistics centre with which you can find out what kind of orthoses you order most, the number of orthoses, on-time deliveries, etc.








  • A new interface facilitates browsing around the whole prescription.
  • Reorganisation of the form with tabs to streamline the prescription.
  • Incorporation of new additions, treatments and materials.
  • New personalisation tab for printing logos on heel supports or linings.
  • Complementary information in additions to answer the main queries.
  • Technical advice to prevent conflicting or inadvisable combinations of treatments based on the literature and scientific evidence.
  • Summary view of the whole prescription.


Direct link via B2B to the whole Biomech Consulting team.

Live chat to speak to the technical team.

Section with exclusive documents for clients where you can download bibliography, training and tutorials.

The B2B calendar notifies you automatically about events or any important information.



The estimated date for the launch of this new B2B is 21st December.

This launch completes our ambitious project to create our own digital workflow based on the combined experience of Biomech Consulting and all our customers.

The scanner developed with IBV for digital data collection.

Our own 3D design programme that is 100% specialised in developing custom insoles. With recognition

Our state-of-the-art CAM programme based on numerical control enables a level of accuracy that is unrivalled on the market.

Digital tools, far from distancing us, connect us and make it possible to focus on what is really important, namely offering more expert, personalised and closer care to our customers (in our case) and your patients.