Our bespoke In Company courses are for podiatrists and clinics requiring training in a specific area or topic. 

Biomech Consulting organises these fully bespoke courses, adapting the content, timetables, topic and modality (classroom-based in your premises, in ours, online). 

Professional podiatrists can detail the training needs for themselves or their employees and Biomech Consulting will take care of organising everything. 

Some of our specialized training areas are: 

  • Gait biomechanics 
  • Analysis of specific pathologies and all the possible orthopaedic treatments. 
  • Speciality in foot orthopaedics for diabetic patients in every stage of the disease 
  • Functional foot orthoses for children; gait re-education 
  • Materials for designing functional foot orthoses: properties and instructions 
  • Data collection for the elaboration of orthopaedic treatment of the foot 

If you would like to receive more information about our bespoke training, write to us at and tell us what you need.